Ten Weeks

In a world where everything is geared towards instant gratification and created to glorify the power of man, we tend to forget how fragile and complex life is. With a snap of a finger our whole world can turn upside down. This week we sadly lost a little girl just like Diyanna. Her little body... Continue Reading →

The Cost of Disability and the NDIS

Yesterday the disability and special needs community of Australia had a small win. We were able to gain enough opposition so as to cancel the introduction of independent assessment which was to be implemented though out Australia by the Federal Government in an effort to cut cost in the NDIS.    The National Disability Insurance Schem was set up over a... Continue Reading →

An Unexpected Year

2020 has been a unique year for everyone. For us it brought happiness we never knew and a familiar sadness.  It was a year where our family underwent massive changes from welcoming new life to saying good bye to an amazing father and grandfather. It was an year in which appreciation for the mundane aspects... Continue Reading →

Good Bye 2018!

I started to write this post during the last few hours of 2018 but was only able to finish it today. A lot has happened since then more challenges that I could have imagined. But I am thankful for the year 2018. There were moments where we felt lost and powerless, but there were also moments of perfect happiness. ... Continue Reading →

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