She is Three!

The joy I felt this morning cannot be described. We got through another year! She is three! A milestone which we were told might never come to pass. But here we are celebrating an amazing achievement.

She is a fighter. And we will fight with her all the way and one day we will say good bye to all the havoc that is being caused by this gene.

This day couldn’t have been possible with out the amazing grandparents who have sacrificed their lives to take care of her.

Thank you God for giving Diyanna a chance to celebrate her birthday, for giving us a chance to have her with us for one more year,  for our amazing parents, family and friends who have given us strength to face our challenge head on and for all the numerous blessings given to us.

My warrior princess I love you with all my heart and soul. And I will move heaven and earth to give you everything that you deserve. Come hell or high water we will find that cure.

On her 3rd Birthday

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  1. I got to know about your daughter from my colleague. You and your daughter are in my prayers and hope she gets better soon. You are brave mom and you are doing great taking care of your daughter. Your love for her will heal her.


  2. I have a daughter 11 years old with the mutation, just diagnosed, CACNA1E gene, I would like to know more about this.
    Have you discovered anything else?


      1. Hello! Now my daughter is hospitalized for a tracheostomy, she has had respiratory problems. We live in Italy. How is your daughter? Inviato dal mio dispositivo Huawei


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